Where we are going with building

Date:Sat Sep 28 17:11:04 2013
Just a "For your Interest" where we are building and where we are planning
to go in the forseeable future:

The highest priority:
We are mostly building east through Mirkwood and want to eventually reach
Laketown and then the Lonely Mountain. If our Builders' Department allows
that, we'd also like to create Thranduil's Halls in Mirkwood but this is
not decided yet. 
You can consider this "The Plan for this Decade".

Medium priority:
We then are creating the parts of Mirkwood leading to Dol Guldur and that
tower itself plus its dungeons.

Lower priority, but still planned and scheduled:
We are finishing Rohan, which then will endable us to build the path areas
leading to Gondor, meaning we will go on to the South and East. Do not count
on this happening too soon. This includes Helms Deep and the Glittering Caves.

We then have a smaller number of minor projects scattered here and there which
will get announced when they open.

Sadly, Isengard is currently not moving.