Recent minor changes (Random exits, Vurgl, Promotions, Gnarled Orcs)

Date:Fri Jan 3 17:52:17 2014
1. Old Forest Road
   Random Exits have been removed from Avenue of Black, Wild Willows.
2. Vurgl and his aggressiveness
   Vurgl seems to have calmed down a little, and will no longer attack
   potential allies on sight.

3. Recent Promotions
   We congratulate Fankil (Ms) and Waba (Ac) to their promotions.
4. Gnarled Orcs in NOC
   Due to a leftover of old LH code (Orcish Hovels) it could happen that
   gnarled orcs were un- and re-loaded in NOC on zone resets. This will not
   happen anymore, the gnarled orcs have been convinced to stay once they
   have shown up in their usual places (which does not happen as regular
   as before).