Recent minor changes (Promotions, Magic, and Ropes)

Date:Thu Jan 30 17:16:22 2014
1. Rogon
  We congratulate Rogon on his promotion.

2. Harlond Magic Guildmaster (Force)
  After attending a constructive seminar on the arcane arts, Malindon the
  elven mage now offers more comprehensive courses on the subjects of lesser
  offensive spells.
  Newcomers to the Grey Havens will find that Malindon's newfound joy in
  learning will benefit them if they are interested in the subjects of chill
  touch and magic missile.

3. Ropes 
  Ropes that can be worn on a belt can now be worn over a shoulder (the quiver
  slot). Thanks to Fane for the idea.

4. Timodeus
  For the time being I'll be less active than I was in the last years. Please
  direct inquiries you would have sent to me to other V+/A+ for now.