Inequality on MUME

Date:Tue Apr 1 00:00:00 2014
The Bureau of Equality Enforcement (BEE) is investigating MUME due to serious
accusations of racial discrimination, especially against so-called "minions".

Therefore, by decree AF/2014/4/1 of the Bureau:

- The most egregious discrimination in MUME has been lifted: now everyone
  has the opportunity to achieve immortality as a sunburnt statue!

- Men, Elves, Dwarves, and especially Hobbitses are required to attend
  an awareness workshop and round-table, to be followed by dinner.
  Sessions will be held each night in the Sinister-looking Cave.
  To comply with HSE regulations, kindly leave your weapons, armour
  and magical objects at the cloakroom before entering.
  Dr. Bert, University of Angmar, Department of Applied Psychology
  (gnarly clubs subsection) will facilitate.

- In order to fund the invaluable effort of BEE inspectors, a 5% tax
  will be charged on each looting transaction. Adventurers are advised to
  pay their dues to the closest BEE office before midnight GMT.

Clupea Harengus, Inspector General, Bureau of Equality Enforcement