Recent minor changes (Promotion, Girithron, Eagles, Erestor, Brush Lions)

Date:Sat Aug 9 07:04:15 2014
1. Brush Lions (Rogon)
  The brush lions will be more likely to move around in the future. Travellers

2. Wrong Name of Month (Gruenthar)
   The month formerly known improperly as Birithron has now been corrected to
   Girithron (aka Foreyule, for those who don't speak Sindarin). If you find
   anywhere it has not been changed yet, please report it.

3. Sleeping on Eagles/Fell Beasts (Timodeus)
   The following ancient bug is fixed: "Get arachnia, mount an eagle, fall asleep
   during flight, get stuck 'High in the Sky'".
4. We congratulate Ryalnos to his promotion to Mb: Congratulations!

5. Erestor, the Destroyer of Bad Things (Rogon)
   Erestor will now be happy to destroy a tarnished copper wristband if
   you bring it to him.