Recent minor changes (Promotions, Sage, Dales Ponies)

Date:Sun Mar 16 10:43:48 2014
1. Recent Promotions
We congratulate Caldan on his recent promotion (Mw).

2. Sage
Sage shall no longer attack darkies who are in room when whities attack him.

3. Mob weights
Some old mobs have had their weights and heights adjusted (as for example
the grossly obese 'a small brown snake', which used to weigh in at 100 kg).

4. Rumblings from the Ettenmoors
After the recent earthquakes, a few trolls and wolves that used to hang out
near Grinder have now wandered off. Crusher the troll tells me that he saw them
descending down a crude staircase that previously wasn't there.
OOC: There are less mobs in warrens now, but the new zones should make up for

5. Dales Ponies
You can now rent your Dales-pony in Rohan. If you find a stable where they
refuse to rent your mount, please let us know via the 'bug' command.