Recent minor changes (promotions, philtres, Frychra, and birds)

Date:Sat Oct 17 20:37:34 2015
1. The Valar welcome me and my enthusiastic mudlling among their ranks!

2. We congratulate Jab on his promotion to Maia (Builder).

3. Following a recent shortage in high-quality ingredients around Rivendell,
   Elrond's herbal philtres do not last for as long as they used to. Philtres
   from other sources are unchanged. (Rogon)

4. Frychra should be slightly less wimpy now, as she'll properly forget enemies
   that trespassed into her lair after a short while. (Waba)

5. Many of MUME's birds have had their size and weight adjusted to be more in
   line with what you'd reasonably expect for said species. (Arfang)