Recent minor changes (promotion, herbal kits, hunters, newbie kits, mandos items, butchering, character creation)

Date:Sat Dec 12 14:22:49 2015
1. We congratulate Graven on his promotion to Maia (Builder).

2. We improved the output of "examine kit" by showing longer and identifiable
   descriptions, ie. "a foul-smelling root" instead of just "root". (Dáin)

3. In their efforts to track down enemies, orkish scouts and brigands (among a
   few others) will no longer open doors leading to places that they would not
   enter anyway. (Waba)

4. Newbies belonging to the good races will now receive a kit even when there
   are no available Ainur. (Imago)

5. Another couple of useable items now load in the Halls of Mandos. (Force)

6. Butchering now takes light conditions into consideration when informing
   players what they produced. (Imago)

7. You will now receive suggestions when choosing a name at character creation.
   As a result, the syntax in the account menu and the order of the prompts
   changed. (Waba)