Movement colours, labels, fixed messages

Date:Sat May 28 07:13:51 2016
1. We added "change colour movement-in" and "change colour movement-out".
   These commands allow you to highlight special movement messages (such
   as a smob arriving via mudlle) and distinguish them from the spam.

   Messages caused by regular movement are not affected.

   Feel free to typo-report messages that we may have missed. (Waba)

2. You can no longer use words that are known not to work well as labels;
   e.g., "north", "east", "at", "around", and "the".

   Cf. "help labels". (Dáin)

3. Bystanders will no longer notice attempts at blocking or breaking doors
   that are not there. (Waba)

4. Orcs will no longer be told about the 'cruel light' when the weather
   actually protects them from the sun. (Waba)