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Subject:The Mountains of Mirkwood
Date:Sat Oct 22 17:29:55 2016
In northeastern Mirkwood, north of the Old Forest Road, stands a dark, 
brooding range of hills. The Silvan elves of the second age found them to be 
an abundant hunting ground, and they indeed saw fit to live there, 
seasonally as well as more permanently. They called the hills Emyn Duir, the
Dark Mountains.

With the third age came a change, and as Greenwood the Great became Mirkwood,
so the Emyn Duir became the Emyn-nu-Fuin: the Mountains under Shadow. Now, it
is whispered among those with knowledge of such far-flung abodes, that the
hills are infested with some of the vilest creatures of the entire forest.
Indeed, it is known that Thranduil of the Woodland Realm is waging a
protracted campaign among the hills, and that not every patrol he sends
actually makes it back.

OOC: Many thanks to the volunteers that make MUME possible! The Emyn-nu-Fuin
project should offer an exciting expansion of our game, one that offers modern,
advanced gameplay, hideous dangers, and opulent rewards (if only for those
daring enough to reach for them)...


Building..............   : Ryalnos, Orlanth, Arcane, Graven
                           Force, Raid, Octavia, Izual, Elemmakil, Rogon
Testzone builders.....   : Foroil, Babe, Ellessar, Luineth
Proofing..............   : Sarinda, Ryalnos, Rogon, Azan
Supervising...........   : Force, Rogon
Arata-reviews.........   : Antti, Frór, Waba
Mudlle................   : Imago, Thor, Antti, Arfang, Arcane, Nienor,
                           Timodeus, Rogon
Misc help.............   : Naga, Azan, Ammon, Orlanth, Iluvator, Elfan
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