Recent minor changes (who, palantir, rewritten south of Bree zone, promotions, ...)

Date:Sun Oct 23 10:37:09 2016
Recent minor changes:

The "who" command will now no longer allow arguments that are not usable for
you. For example, "who orc" will no longer be available to Elves.

The palantir can no longer be (ab)used to look at unintended locations.

You will no longer be force-equipped with slate blue clothes when leaving the
Halls of Mandos. Pick up this clothing from the great stone table if you want
to dress up before entering Arda.
The same applies to Black Númenóreans and their ashen clothes.
This hopefully removes an annoyance for both experienced and new players.

We congratulate Azan on his Promotion to Mw!

Ventriloquate can now be cast in combat.

News from the Bree surroundings (rewritten zone south of Bree):
A second ridable path through the line of cliffs has formed to the south-
eastern part of the zone, available to whomever that is wandering there in the
Another ridable connection has formed to the north-western part of the zone,
making it possible to ride from the Greenway to the South Downs located to the
east of the road.