Morthan, safer returns, Bree guide, text attributes, and the Palantir

Date:Fri Dec 2 21:00:28 2016
1. Morthan's gang now reacts differently to istari metamorphs. Meta/return is
   no longer an effective strategy. (Mint)

2. Most non-aggressive creatures will refrain from attacking adventurers they
   recently defeated. NB: some of them may still do!

   OOC: Most mobiles will forget you attacked them when you die, sparing you
   from a second mobdeath if you try to loot yourself in Morthan for example.

3. Janice will now enthusiastically show you around Bree. (Naga, Alkar, Antti,
   and Ellessar)

4. You can now also use "faint" and "italic" as text attributes with "change
   color". For example:

     > cha col header italic blue

   They're known not to work on all terminals... (Dáin)

5. The Palantir should now behave as it did before NEWS 2526, but still prevent
   exploring unopened areas. (Mint and Waba)