Slight change to 'wear', 'wear all' improvement, and achievement messages

Date:Fri Dec 2 21:01:04 2016
1. 'Wear' will not make you hold items anymore, unless your hands are the only
   valid EQ slots left. Eg. for a naked character, 'wear axe' will wield the
   weapon, but 'wear ruby' will prefer the neck. You can still 'wield' or
   'hold' items explicitly, of course.

   Previously, 'wear' tried the belt slots first and then followed the default
   equipment order, starting with the hands.

   With that change and some other tweaks, the 'wear all' command should now do
   an even better job at adorning yourself with each and every magical trinket
   in your possession. (Waba)

2. You will now get a message when your character gains a new achievement. This
   concerns the majority (but not all) of the achievements. It is coloured
   according to "change colour achievement". (Antti, Dáin, Waba, Imago, and