Some New Commands

Date:Thu May 23 23:39:02 1996
Someone on the idea board suggested a command for dragging away corpses..
and someone commented that since we have cow milking why not that...

Since I did the milking I took it as my call to make grave-digging commands
as well and a boring afternoon led to the following coding:

Corpse Dragging

Command: 'drag corpse' (or 2.corpse etc)

You will start dragging the corpse. If you move, you pull the corpse with
you. You will spend more movement points doing this of course. To stop
dragging it, type 'drag' without any arguments. There might come some
strength requirements on this command later, and possible delays.

Hanging corpses

Command: 'hang corpse'

This command allows you to hang a corpse up in a tree (you have to be in
a forest room for this to work). This act is slightly evil so even if elves
can do it they will loose alignment slightly each time. 

Beheading corpses (orcs and trolls only)

Command: 'decap corpse'

Yup you heard it! You can behead a corpse... and this command will make you
put the head on a pole and shove it in the ground where you stand... perfect
for orcs to plant outside bree during a successful raid to mark their new
territory :)

Common for the last two features is that the produced hanging corpses and
spiked heads show a name if the victim's level is over 15 and just a race if
below. Mobs can also be 'processed' like this, although a size check will be
made in the future I think (beheading a butterfly??). Also a delay on the
actions will be done in the future (the spinning / sign). 

Note that all of these commands are mostly cosmetical and for RolePlaying.