Disaster Strikes Forodwaith

Date:Sat Apr 1 00:44:00 2017
Quenairë and Erestor, noble Elves and residents of Rivendell, report that the
Imladris observatory last night beheld a sight never before seen - a giant
shooting star crossed the heavens and appeared to make contact with Arda, far
away up toward the north. A noble Elf, speaking on condition of anonymity,
claimed that a great meteorite appears to have smote the Northern waste near
Forodwaith, smashing into Arda's magnetic north pole with ferocious power. As a
result, travellers have found that the mundane activity of moving about
suddenly has been wrought difficult; and that the cardinal directions appear to
be, as one Hobbit says, "outta whack".

OOC: As MUME was moved to a new VM last night, the people in charge of this
delicate operation made a grevious error in that they did not format the server
parameters correctly, leaving it open to a regressive/recursive retrovirus that
we believe mainly affects MUME's Temporally Recurrent Optimal Learning Loop. As
far as we can tell, this means that certain integers have set values added to
them at hour-long intervals, which affects the outcome of certain commands in
predictable but unfortunate ways. Our very best coders are right now deploying
a Jacobian-Optimized Kernel Expansion that we hope will help normalize matters

Thank you for your understanding,

-- The Management