News from the Vales of Anduin and Southern Mirkwood

Date:Fri Oct 11 20:24:50 2019
Explorers of the eastern shore of the great Anduin have found an ancient trail
leading into the southern ranges of Mirkwood. While the lands west of the dark
forest are mostly fields and farmlands, they are not without peril.

The shadow of a dread stronghold holds the land in a withering grip. Farms lie
in ruin and fields are overgrown with weeds and strangling vines. Yet the land
is not as empty as it seems; creatures move through the land, keeping to the
darkest shadows.

Far to the south, the old trail disappears under the canopy of Mirkwood, and
following this shadowy path is not advisable for the faint of heart.

OOC: Dol Guldur itself is not part of this expansion.


Builders............   : Jahara, Björn, Naga, Orlanth, Rogon,
                         Xellia, Azan, Cuantar, Phloxy, Rik, Imago
Supervisors.........   : Orlanth, Rogon, Timodeus
Proofing............   : Tabris, Almarian, Xellia, Hanne, Ciltor, Elemir,
                         Isildyr, Ennui
Mudllers............   : Thor, Imago, Arcane
Miscellaneous.......   : Jahara, Ryalnos, Silvos
Arata reviewers.....   : Fror, Waba