MUME X: The Hunt for Lost TP - April's Fool

Date:Sat Apr 4 00:00:00 2020
The launch of MUME X and the TPLords leaderboard was clearly a joke that we
threw to celebrate April Fool's Day. We understand that real life
responsibilities prevent a large number of our players from experiencing
MUME's first scavenger hunt and are extending the event to run over the
weekend in order to allow everyone to enjoy it and unseat the current TPLords.

Interestingly enough, we noticed that 35 locations with TP were never found
and therefore boosted the TP points that they provide. Similarly, the most
popular TP locations that were discovered were located in or around cities;
maybe players should explore more if they truly want to rise to #1 TPLord and
win their seat upon the coveted TP Throne?

Credits: Imago, Jahara, Mint, and Rogon