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Subject:Recent changes (Promotions, Valinor inn, wimpy, young rangers, weather, identify spell)
Date:Sat Apr 18 18:43:56 2020
* We congratulate Ciltor on his promotion to Maia Builder.

* The Tol Eressëa Wharf Inn has opened its doors in Aman for those who miss
  the white ship or wish to stay. (Jahara, Orlanth)

* Wimpy will now scale with each level to target the same percentage of
  maximum health. New characters also start with a default wimpy of 45%
  maximum health. (Waba)

* Young rangers have improved their protective services by tutoring their
  followers whenever conflict finds them. (Jahara)

* Ambient messages for weather have been enhanced. (Dawnborn, Jahara)

* The 'identify' spell will reveal a bit more about an item's weight
  from now on. (Arfang)
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