Recent changes (Age reset, Dark Tower stable, Nimphelos and city justice, Rohirrim, Newcomers, Farm animals)

Date:Sat Jun 6 02:21:10 2020
  1. Retired characters who have not yet reached the hero level can now use the agereset command after one month.
  2. Dark Tower's filthy pen now stables pets for Black Númenoreans or Free People.
  3. The Nimphelos pearl no longer troubles city defence when using its periodic spells. (Arfang, Dáin)
  4. Rohirrim have lost the stallion keyword as part of a cleanup.
  5. We've simplified character creation by assuming that new players are not experienced until they have at least one level 13 in their account. This can be bypassed and changed at will, see HELP CHANGE NEWCOMER. (Dáin)
  6. Farm animals can now be found bleating, clucking, honking, or mooing. (Dawnborn)