Recent changes (rangers, Saruman, fine metals, assisting charmies, plants and seasons, picking object locks)

Date:Sun Jun 14 17:50:44 2020
Latest set of amazing [1] improvements [2]:

  • The lonely giant will now bring your mount with you when you are ready to learn his bannock recipe. (Jahara)
  • Saruman has been rumored to accept more equipment and trinkets of value. (Jahara)
  • The young rangers have moved some of their rest stops in order to find newcomers better. (Jahara)
  • Several fine pieces of armour have received descriptions. (Ennui)
  • Mobiles who assist their friends will not assist charmed mobiles anymore. (Jahara)
  • Some plants that used to load all year now load only during the appropriate season.
  • Picking object locks now behaves like picking door locks: it takes time.
[1] Very questionable.
[2] Further steps down the slippery slope of decline.