Full Rerolls starting July 2020

Date:Thu Jul 23 00:37:21 2020
It's time to dust off that old character that was "unplayable" and check out what new tricks they can do!

Full rerolls are now available going forward for any retired characters. The required retirement time is dependent on the character's level, but is usually between 4 and 8 years. Please read "help reroll" for more details.

If you are a returning player, we recommend that you first ask the community for stat suggestions before you execute your full reroll. Reimbursements for poorly chosen rerolls will not be given. Please check Elven Runes or ask on narrates with a new character first.

Players who have not played since 2016 can look forward to exploring the:

  • spider and Orc infested mountains of Mirkwood
  • plains of Dunland, to find a roaming Dunlending chieftain
  • tower of Elostirion within the Tower Hills
  • tomb of the Chieftain of Belegost
  • growing shadow in Southern Mirkwood