Summer Rerolls and more (Fog, Spells, Charm, Newcomers, Quests)

Date:Wed Jul 29 20:08:47 2020
We are happy to announce that all accounts will be receiving a single full reroll gift to celebrate our final "Summer Rerolls" event. This is a limited time offer and the gift that must be redeemed BEFORE September 1st.

To use your per account gift reroll you must first be retired, then do not type 'reroll' but instead walk (all east) to your race's Reroll Pool in your race's Retirement Location to:

 > swim pool

You need to confirm that command (by typing it again within a few seconds). Afterwards, you can be unretired early by any friendly V+.

Please note that a successful reroll in the pool will consume your gift! You do NOT have an unlimited number of attempts! THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS!

In addition to the above, the following minor changes have also been released:

  1. Light fog no longer hides objects laying on the ground. (Waba)
  2. Arglebargle now tries to be helpful if it thinks you mistyped a command.
  3. The history command will now record last hits by charmed mobiles as the charmer instead. (Dáin)
  4. More spell messages will now use the "magic" and a few other colors. (Dáin)
  5. Newcomers (players who show up on who newbie) now start the game with some basic survival skills pre-practiced.
  6. Goats and cows can now be milked using any drinking container.
  7. Contextual hints to light/snuff lights are now sent at night and dawn.
  8. Angrim's ghost has always been seeking aid from a Lord or Lady to free Sulien, but these conditions are now easier to trigger.
  9. Anarwen has started to reliably notice players who enter her arbour.