Recent Changes (Promotions, Rent, Mirkwood, Aldereon, Bats, Elves, Mining, Telnet)

Date:Sun Aug 30 19:05:25 2020
  1. We congratulate Pilois and Elemir on their promotions to Mw.
  2. The grace period to retrieve your gear that has been rent confiscated has been increased from 3 RL hours to 24 RL hours.
  3. We did a very minor tweak to the map and added a one-way out of Mirkwood near the obstruction on the Trail of Shadows.
  4. Aldereon's guards have started to remember traitors among the Free People.
  5. Queen bats are now huge bats. Bat colonies don't form social structures around a single female.
  6. A few hospitable elven cooks in Harlond and Rivendell have appeared to provide meals to hungry guests.
  7. The huge shovel can now be used to mine for ore.
  8. MUME now supports Suppress Go-Ahead and IAC GA prompts by default. Putty users need to update their profiles to enable this option:
    Terminal > Local line editing: > Force on