Teach and Learn

Date:Tue Sep 1 15:02:26 2020
The teach and learn commands have been broken for a very long time. We have revived the commands as a small, first step in looking at underused or broken commands, skills, and spells.

Teach and learn skills will as of now work under these conditions:

  1. The student has fewer than three practice sessions in the skill.
  2. Both student and teacher are of the Free Peoples of Arda.
  3. The teacher's knowledge is higher than the student's in both invested practice sessions and knowledge.
The helpfile for teach and learn has been updated to reflect these changes.

If you want to give feedback on this change, you are welcome to mail it to Jahara or Rogon.

Design…... Rogon
Coding…... Jahara
Reviews….. Waba
Misc help… Arfang, Elemir, Imago, Force, Ciltor, Dáin, Almarian

Note: As part of this change detect magic was removed from guildmasters west of the Brandywine.