News from Southern Mirkwood

Date:Fri Oct 16 18:04:55 2020
The naked hill, Amon Lanc, was once the heart of the woodland realm. The
Elf-lord Oropher himself ruled the Greenwood from his stronghold atop this
hill. But all things change, and even the wise can fall before the darkness.
The Greenwood, now sick with corruption, has become Mirkwood. And that ancient
seat of the Sindarin has been transformed into a bastion of vile power.

Whispers of sinister evil and dark sorcery have given a new name to the naked
hill: Dol Guldur. The unknown power now centred there has attracted cruel, foul
forces; grim orcs and brutal trolls have flocked to the hill in droves. But
they pale in comparison to the other dread creatures that lurk in the shadows
of this foreboding mound.

Many thanks to all who made this project possible. The Dol Goldur environs is a
new superzone in southern Mirkwood. While this update does not include the
stronghold itself, it does include a number of unique encounters that we hope
will interest even the most experienced adventurers. New rewards await those
who have the wit and mettle to find them.

Building:           Pilois, Ciltor, Elemir,
                    Antti, Celebsil, Drugo, Isildyr, Luineth, Phloxy, Tabris,
                    Tarnas, Timodeus
Testzone building:  Ammon, Jab, Hoosier
Supervising:        Rogon, Orlanth
                    Timodeus, Sung
Proofreading:       Dawnborn, Toby, Silvos, Lehto, Lamia, Isildyr
Mudlle:             Arfang, Jahara, Imago, Arcane, Rómendacil
Mudlle reviews:     Imago, Waba, Jahara, Arfang, Mint
Mob/Obj reviews:    Frór
Misc help:          Almarian, Azan, Dáin, Jahara, Ryalnos, Silvos