On the Topic of Spirits

Date:Fri Oct 16 18:05:58 2020
During her visit with the Morgundul, a Shaman of the Tarkhnarb was entrusted
with deeper insight into the world of Spirits and the proper ways of raising a
Guardian Shadow.

Emboldened by this new knowledge and the power it brings, the Great Goblin has
commanded the Shamans of the Tarkhnarb to set forth and raze the caves of the
Zaugurz and drive the Elves and Men from the misty mountains once and for all!


The raise dead spell and the command skill changed in some ways:

- With good command skill, a shaman will find guardian shadows more obedient.

- Failing a command will no longer cause the shadow to disperse. It might
  however weaken it very temporarily.

- Any hero level or higher corpse will yield the same power of shadow.

- Shadows will last significantly longer.

- Raise dead can now be used on player corpses.

- Shadows have become more defensively focused and gained a new ability.

If you want to provide constructive feedback, please mail Jahara or Rogon.


Ideas:   Orlanth, Pilois
Design:  Jahara, Rogon
Testing: Elemir, Toby
Code:    Jahara, Dáin
Reviews: Frór, Mint