Recent Changes (Strength herblore, Shop "show" improvements, Evil Free People, Identify)

Date:Fri Jan 1 04:46:50 2021
  1. Herbalists report that the Strength herblore is slightly more effective.
  2. In a store, you can now show lockpicks or show herbal-kit to see the details of any enhancements before you buy them. (As per Tílran's suggestion.) (Dáin)
  3. Círdan has warned that the grey-cloaked elven huntsman will now hunt evil Free People in his realm. He also has started revoking citizenship.
  4. The horses of the Rohirrim will only now bear Free People of good alignment.
  5. Aldereon's golden elven bracelet can now only be sold to jewellers of ill repute.
  6. Identified amulets will now show how many charges they have left. (Dáin)
  7. The health of the icy ring and root ring is now shown when identified.
  8. Crystal phials will now reveal their magical affect when identified.