Recent Changes (Promotion, Memorial, Gruksh, Dol Guldur, Shout, and Quaff)

Date:Thu Dec 24 23:46:05 2020
  1. We congratulate Elemir on his promotion to Ms.
  2. A memorial to Ugurz the Forsaken has been erected north of Grobb.
  3. Gruksh the orkish butcher now accepts more jewels as payment from snagas.
  4. The orcs guarding Dol Guldur will now listen to requests to open and close the barricade.
  5. shout is now an alias for narrate. (Dáin)
  6. You can now use drink <potion> even if you aren't thirsty. (Dáin)
  7. quaff is now an alias for drink. (Dáin)