Recent changes (autoexits, ropes, NOC rock, metamorphs, combs)

Date:Sun Jan 17 11:32:31 2021
  • change autoexits now lets you change different situations to enable/disable autoexits.

    If you had "old" autoexits, the default is all situations on.

    This is a bit of a convoluted change. Use bug to report any misbehavior.

  • Evil races can now comb "borrowed" Dwarven beards using the Dwarven beard-comb. (Jahara)
  • Tied ropes will now decay unless they are used or recovered. (Jahara)
  • NOC rock has been renamed to rockdoor and became pickable once again. (Rogon)
  • Istari now retain their followers and groups as they metamorph and return to their regular shape.
  • change now supports more fields for metamorphosed characters.