Recent Changes (The Wolf Gate, Freúf, Filatior, Travelling, Warrens, wooden ring)

Date:Fri Jan 1 22:44:08 2021
  1. The chieftain at the wolfgate in Goblin Town has received instructions that he is not only to block enemies from going west into the interior, but also from going up or south. In addition, the lock on the inside of the wolfgate is now a latch instead of a lock. (Rogon)
  2. Freúf now rewards all eligible questers who helped fix the Old Hobbit Mill.
  3. Filatior's quest can now be completed in a more intuitive manner.
  4. The Dúnadan ranger's quest is now shown in trusted Free People's Quest Logs.
  5. The ragged-looking hobbit quest is now shown in Free People's Quest Logs.
  6. Wooden rings will now teleport off of a troll's finger instead of possibly bringing them into the sun.