Recent Changes (info, unsaddle, telnet, protect, metamorphs)

Date:Tue Aug 10 01:26:31 2021
  • You can now use %u in "info format" to show when a player can unretire, prac reset, etc. Example: account -- %-15M %u. (Dáin)
  • You can now unsaddle horse <what> where <what> can be all, sack, and similar. See help unsaddle for more information. Thanks to Araval for the idea. (Dáin)
  • MUME now supports the MCCP2 compression protocol to reduce the amount of bandwidth used by 70% to 85%. (Dáin)
  • Protect won't intercept attacks from group members. Thanks to Itzît and Sudo for raising this.
  • Metamorphs will now be captured by roots and other snares. Please use the bug command to report any incorrect behavior.