Recent changes (shovels, prompts, Kormock, etc.)

Date:Fri Aug 27 17:47:33 2021
  • Kormock has begun to purchase arrows and bolts. Thanks to One for raising this discrepancy. (Jahara)
  • We congratulate Brandish and Dawnborn on their promotions to Mb.
  • You can now only put plants in pipes for smoking. (J)
  • The huge shovel has been fixed to only allocate its rooms if a dig was successful. Thanks for Beefcake for reporting this. (J)
  • Entering the tunnels of the huge shovel results in an achievement. (J)
  • Prompts will now auto-update as they change. For example if you go from Hurt to Wounded, your prompt will be re-emitted.
  • A new change prompt redraw option has been added that lets you specify whether prompts can be redrawn in-place rather than emit a newline and a new prompt. This does not work with all that many clients so by default it's off.