Recent Changes (Wulfston, Daegil, Naming skills and spells, GMCP)

Date:Fri Oct 22 18:55:28 2021
  • Daegil will now allow mounts to board the Grey Havens ferry.
  • Wulfston's second gate is now managed by the gatekeeper and his guards.
  • You can now abbreviate skill and spell names better with commands such as cast and train. (Dáin)

    For example, cu li is now recognized to be cure light. However, c li is not accepted as it could mean either cure light or call lightning (if you know them both).

    A few problems were also fixed where additional spaces inside or around skill names caused the name matching to fail.

  • MUME now has basic support for the GMCP Room and Client modules. See help gmcp. (Dáin, Jahara, Imatin)