Recent changes (Tunics, Eagles, Beorning, Lórien)

Date:Fri Nov 5 21:52:45 2021
  • Rumours of an elven tunic with magical properties have been heard from those venturing out of Khazâd-dûm. More worryingly, they seem to have become the target of the Shadow who seeks to corrupt them. (Ryalnos, Elemir, Orlanth, Rogon, Pilois)
  • Eagles and fell beasts will now show their flight direction when viewed from below. Thanks to Haxlbeissa for the idea!
  • Adventurers have reported that their language knowledge in Beorning has improved as they assisted Beorn's Folk in quests around the Anduin Vale.
  • The ferocious reptiles underneath Lórien have been made slightly weaker.
  • The grey-cloaked elven huntsman of the Grey Havens now track into Black Hill Village.