Recent Minor Changes (Promotion, Thrakghash, Eagles, Clocks, Retirement)

Date:Wed May 18 01:53:22 2022
- We congratulate Llywarch on his promotion to Mw. (Rogon)

- Thrakghash of the Mordor Flame now destroys more items of the Free People. (Jahara)

- It is now only possible to call eagles and fell beasts in ridable rooms. (Jahara)

- Trolls can now drag clocks back to their burrows. (Jahara)

- A few of the Inns across Arda have procured clocks for their guests. Patrons
  of The Fishnet Inn, Seagull Inn, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Prancing Pony Inn,
  and the Dining Hall of the Crown will find it easier to tell the time. (Imago)

- Clocks will now chime at sunrise and sunset. (Imago)

- Players can now leave their Halls of Retirement without any minimum wait.
  However, they will not be reimbursed if they unretire early, and if they
  unretire prior to 30 days they will be returned to the Inn from which they
  retired. (Imago)