Recent Changes (Reroll, Mercs, Cirdan, Recover, GMCP)

Date:Sun Aug 28 00:59:38 2022
  • The rules that govern rerolls have been tweaked to not punish players for not playing. See help reroll and help agereset for more details. Players are strongly suggested to wait for all the subrace features to launch before using their rerolls.
  • Mercenaries now respond to their leader saying just 'lead', 'stand', 'flee', or 'ride'. Existing behavior of mercenaries remains the same. (Aloonion)
  • Círdan, having been officially crowned Arda's Hide-and-Seek Champion, has retired from this game and will now respond if he hears his name. (Imago)
  • The time taken to recover missiles has been cut in half.
  • The GMCP Comm.Channel messages now support tells, says, emotes, and socials in addition to the initial support for tales (narrates), songs, and prayers. (Thanks Ciltor for nagging about it.) (Dáin)