New Subraces Features for Black Númenóreans

Date:Fri Nov 11 03:18:31 2022
Today, we introduce several new features for Black Númenóreans.

  • Black Númenóreans have increased mana regeneration and a decreased chance to backfire spells when under the Necromancer's darkness.
  • The Fell Beasts will carry Black Númenóreans further than anyone else.
  • Carried vials of poison and envenomed weapons will last twice as long for Black Númenóreans.
  • Black Númenóreans mix herblores that produce vials of poison with an increased proficiency equal to two herbal kit upgrades.
We have also improved Black Númenóreans with the following:

  • Nagash the Dark's quest now has a quest log entry.
  • Nagash's silver goblet has been tweaked to remove depression for Black Númenóreans.
Coding: Jahara
Testing: Elemir, Aloonion