Recent Changes (Promotion, Decapitate, Account, Align, and more)

Date:Sun Dec 4 18:50:04 2022
  • We congratulate Orlanth on his promotion to Vala Architect and welcome him to MUME's management.
  • Black Númenóreans can decapitate now when wielding an appropriate knife.
  • You can now list your characters sorted by subrace using account subrace.
    The character subrace is also included in the listing.
    (Thanks One for the idea.) (Dáin)
  • The base alignment of the Free People defaults to their racial maximum.
  • The height and weight of a subrace is no longer the same across a race. Existing characters have been rescaled to match lore with many becoming much taller.
  • Previously charmed characters will stop trying to protect against attacks.
  • The command history as seen using !? now contains commands before alias expansion. Recalling a command from history (e.g., !3) will now expand aliases. (Dáin)
  • If you reconnect (without renting), your command history is now preserved. (Dáin)
  • A charred staff has been updated to be more useful.