Date:Sun Dec 4 20:17:04 2022


Today we, MUME's management and everyone who has worked on all the related projects to make this happen, are proud to present MUME IX.

This update includes several new features as well as new areas to explore. Individual newsposts that dive into more detail will follow.

  • The Bree-land zones from the town of Bree all the way to Fornost have been rebuilt. New quests and challenges suitable for new and low level adventurers await.
  • The second half of the Ancient Broken Road rebuild opens today, around fifteen years late. The redesigned areas include new perils to test even the most seasoned adventurers and enticing rewards for the most cunning explorers.
  • The sturdy Dwarves are taking one more step towards their august destiny with the introduction of three Dwarven Houses. The Longbeards, the Firebeards and the Broadbeams.
  • The Uruk-Tarkhnarb are joined by the Uruk-Morruhk as a playable Orkish tribe in the service of Sauron.
  • Players of the noble Dúnedain have been granted a tiny fragment of the powers that are rightfully theirs.
  • An old spell, Energy Drain, has been reworked into a unique healing spell for Shamans.
An astonishing number of changes were brought to MUME in the long years since MUME VIII launched in January 2002. You can read a summary and some history here: