Legend Homes in New Bree

Date:Sat Dec 31 14:14:47 2022
Due to the recent construction, some homes in the city of Bree are now inaccessible. The Mayor of Bree has decreed that the town's construction crew will clear the way to the home of any citizen who requests it.


All Legend Homes from old Bree have been archived. Old homes will only be moved to new Bree if requested. If you wish to have your home moved and reopened, you must make a post on the legend home board (3w3s1w of SPPI) with the character who owns the home. Your post should include a requested location, along with several alternative locations. Homes will be moved on a first-come, first-served basis, and no spots are guaranteed. There may be some delay as we work through the queue, please be patient.

In addition, homes in new Bree are restricted to the three legend home areas.

These are:

  • The Westhill (the area north of the Hill Road Passage)
  • The Southern Bluffs (South Mason road and beyond)
  • The Oak Hill (the area past the Stone Passage)
If you have a multi-character home you would like moved, please first request the home that will connect to the street. Once that has been opened, you may contact Pilois to get the other homes added to it.

Finally, there is a valet in the same room as the legend home Board. This valet will allow characters with a legend home in old Bree to rent in the same manner as if they had access to their home.