Southern Ancient Broken Road rebuild

Date:Sat Dec 31 14:15:25 2022

Southern Ancient Broken Road rebuild

Long long ago ere the World was made, all the Ainur were called together by Eru Ilúvatar to make a Great Music. But Melkor, in his pride, wove into the harmonies matters of his own imagining that were not in accord with the theme of Ilúvatar, seeking therein to increase his own power and glory.

Then Eru caused all that had been sung to be made visible before them, a World that began to unfold its history, living and growing. Yet still the discord of Melkor remained a part of the music and in time it manifested itself in lands that were quite out of key with the song of the lands about them. Seeing this, Manwë Súlimo called upon the Valar, and bade them to renew their song and to bring harmony once more to those dissonant lands.

After long months of toil, the lands between the Inn on the Way to Moria and the northern borders of Hollin have finally been reshaped, and rest now at last in harmony with the rest of Arda. The Valar caution all to beware, for even that which may at first seem familiar might yet turn out to offer surprises or perils.


The project to rebuild the southern half of ABR was begun in 2004 but never opened. After lying abandoned and gathering dust for 15 years, it was picked up again in 2020. It was rebuilt yet again, and expanded upon. In total, an astonishing number of people has been involved in this project over the 18 years that has passed since it was begun. A big thank you to everyone who were involved now and then.


2020-2022 rebuild

Building: Aloonion, Azan, Brandish, Ciltor, Dawnborn, Ellessar, Indigo, Jahara, Raid, Ryalnos, Xellia
Testzone building: Brandish
Supervising: Orlanth, Rogon
Proofreading: Cosmos, Llywarch, Lamia
Mudlle: Jahara, Aloonion
Mudlle reviews: Imago, Jahara
Mob/obj reviews: Frór
Az reviews: Rogon
Misc help: Elemir

2004 rebuild

Alysia, Ausir, Déor, Mandor, Naga, Quillis, Yavanna, and Zarhuk.
Ausir, Frór (Arata mobs/objs), Nienor (Aratie mudlle), Námo (Arata zones), and Yavanna
Arla, Mandor, Mint, Nienor, Scar, Thor, and Vivriel
Ausir, Déor, Naga, Squiffy, Tirmenel, and Yavanna
Other invaluable assistance
Mandor and Námo
Former builders
Aielë and Mujahid
Special thanks for original inspiration
Darthang, Emcas, Kal and Sadet