Introducing the Dwarven Houses

Date:Sun Dec 4 20:20:47 2022

Introducing the Dwarven Houses

For long years, the Dwarves of MUME have been denied their birthright and the honor of their great Houses.

This changes now. No longer shall the noble Dwarves' origin be unknown. From this day onwards, the Dwarves will be of the House of the Longbeards, the Firebeards, or the Broadbeams.

New Dwarves will choose their House during character creation, but existing Dwarves have to visit King Thorin II Oakenshield and declare their House.

The Dwarven Houses have these features:


  • A Longbeard is hard to faze and they will recover quicker from stuns.
  • They have a sixth sense when it comes to finding hidden riches.
  • They have an average bonus towards bashing exits.
  • They have a bonus towards mining.


  • They are of an unforgiving temper and will receive an OB bonus when dealing or receiving a critical strike.
  • They have a natural bonus to the bash skill. This does not make practicing the skill less effective.
  • They also receive a small bonus towards bashing exits.
  • The firebeards are experts at keeping their weapons sharp and ready and will sharpen a blade faster than anyone else.


  • They have an increased chance to not panic after a flee.
  • Their armour will wear out at a greatly reduced rate.
  • They have a greatly increased bonus towards bashing exits.
  • A Broadbeam does not scare easily. They are less likely to be affected by fear in any way.
  • They are calm under fire and will receive an increasing parry bonus as their health drops low.