Introducing the Morruhk-hai

Date:Sun Dec 4 20:21:21 2022
In the deep pits and narrow crawlways beneath the Misty Mountains there are rumours that the Morruhk tribe are conspiring with the Tarkhnarb to join forces against the Zaugurz.

For long years the smaller Morruhk tribe have suffered at the hands of the bloodthirsty Zaugurz, and this is their time to strike back!

The Morruhk-hai are a new playable Orkish tribe on Sauron's side. They are renowned for their control of Wargs, both as companions in combat, and to use as mounts.

Features of the Morruhk-hai

  • Uruk sun protection at level 21 (Identical to the Tarkhnarb).
  • +OB in groups (Identical to the Tarkhnarb)
  • Wargriders; If they achieve a superb riding skill, they are less likely to fall from their mounts, and their mounts are less likely to refuse.
  • Snufflers; They have a greatly increased track skill when on foot.
  • Bloodlust: Encountering and fighting the Free People will temporarily increase their tracking skill.
  • It is rumoured that the Morruhk-hai have a special breed of wargs they ride into battle that will not carry any other Orc.
  • Certain wargs will come when called by a Morruhk-hai.

Building Credits

Some building also took place as part of this project.

Building: Brandish, Elemir, Pilois, Orlanth
Supervising: Rogon
Coding: Aloonion, Jahara