Recent changes: BN GMs, Old Ford, Quests, Saddlin' Slaverins', herbal kits, etc.

Date:Sat Dec 17 12:59:35 2022
  • The black sorcerer and dark-robed man have been spotted along the Ancient Broken Road. (Jahara)
  • The woodengate at the Concealed Camp along the Anduin is now latched from the inside. (Jahara)
  • The small village near the Old Ford of the Anduin now remembers traitorous Free People that attack it. (Jahara)
  • q is now an abbreviation of quests instead of qui. (Thanks Rogdorf for the idea.)
  • Saddles and saddlecloths can now be used on slavering wargs. (Imago)
  • The wear across back position for quivers, bows, etc. is now called across rather than quiver (which continues to work as an alias):

    > wear bow across

    (Thanks Andor for the suggestion.)

  • You can now remove <something> <position> or remove from <position> to remove items only from that wear position:

    > remove from feet
    removes your boots
    remove black finger
    removes something black from a finger
    remove all.pouch belt
    removes all pouches from your belt

    Thanks Fasted for the idea.

  • Herbal kits now behave much more like normal containers. For example, you can now take ingredients out after putting them in.

    Note: herbs that decay will also (soon) start to decay inside herbal kits. Stay tuned for details.