Recent changes (GH shops, GMCP, Rangers, etc.)

Date:Sat Feb 18 11:58:13 2023
  • Grey Havens shops and harbours have visible signs or notes now. The signs show players the open hours, and some tips how to use shop commands. (Orlanth)
  • You can now show your "position" in the prompt as P1-P8 for "dying" through "standing". Use change prompt position to change the setting.

    See help prompt for details.

  • New fields were added to the GMCP Char.Vitals messages: mount-moves, opponent-hits, buffer-hits, and position.

    These reflect what you can see in the regular play prompt.

    See help gmcp for more information.

  • Rangers will now be able to view the inventory of the newcomers with examine.
  • A great black warg has been slightly adjusted to be appropriate for its level. (Rogon)
  • Timetables for the coach are now more visible. (Imago)