Recent changes (hyphenated keywords, magic objects, who options)

Date:Tue Feb 21 21:21:49 2023
  • The method for how object/character keywords are matched have changed.

    If you type a keyword with a hyphen (-) in it, the parts are matched individually. All parts must match.

    This means that shining-shirt will match any object that has keywords shining and shirt.

    Similarly, guard-uruk will match any character with keywords guard and uruk.

    This may be slighty confusing but will make it easier to select the correct object/character.

  • Black candles will now decay after a successful use. (Imago)
  • The description of the obsidian eye now changes slightly depending on its charge level. It will also decay once its magic is used up. (Imago)
  • There are two new options to the who command:
    who novices lists anyone below level 13
    who champions lists anyone between level 13 and 20 (inclusive)
    These only list those with change incognito level off.