Recent changes (hidden exits, known rooms, prompt settings, minor shop changes)

Date:Mon May 1 14:22:58 2023
  • You will now remember hidden exits you have found.

    Hidden exits you have already discovered will show up as regular doors in exits and such.

    You will gain a few travel points each time you discover a new hidden exit.

  • Rooms and trails leading through closed doors will now show = and - on autoexits/exits. For example:

      Exits: =[south]=.
  • The GMCP Room.Known module was added. It lets your client fetch information about which rooms your character is aware of.

    See help gmcp room.known for more information.

  • You can now use hyphenated keywords in shops, so list leather-fine will list all objects that have keywords leather and fine.

    As before, a word starting with a hyphen is a negative filter, so list shirt-leather -boots will list all objects that have keywords leather and fine but not boots.

    Thanks Tytje for the idea.

  • Enchanted weapons will be easier to identify as they are slightly more costly. (Jahara)
  • You can now disable fight information (opponents and buffers) from showing in your prompt using change prompt fight off.

    This is likely detrimental to your wellbeing unless your client uses GMCP to fetch and display this information in some other way.

    change prompt none now means that the (regular play) prompt never changes from a single greater-than sign (>).

    Thanks Grimwine for the idea.