Recent changes (Map, Bree Tanner, Dark Oath, Mounts, Malardil)

Date:Sun May 14 02:23:29 2023
  • You can now view the areas you have travelled to by using the command map global travelled to know where to explore.
  • As part of the rattlesnake hunt, the Bree master tanner now provides a brown bottle sample. Credit goes to Veerappan for the suggestion.
  • Several additional ancient black altars have recently emerged throughout Arda, catering to practitioners of the Dark Oath. Thanks to Blackrose for the suggestion.
  • If their master has not abandoned them and is currently in the void, mounts will now refuse to be led or ridden. Many thanks to Ebbinghaus for the novel idea.
  • The female companion of Malardil has undergone an update to better align with Tolkien's mythos. Thanks to Iminyë for suggesting an improvement.