New Character Generation

Author:Jahara (edited by Dáin)
Date:Fri Dec 22 21:12:23 2023
After nearly 25 years, we have once again overhauled the character generation process. This time, we drew inspiration from the community's ideas and added our own flair to the process.

Please test and provide feedback on the idea board!

Highlights of the new process include:

  • It immediately introduces players to the concept of war, compelling them to choose a side.
  • It allows flexibility by enabling players to change their choices and explore character options more easily.
  • Different hometowns are assigned to each race, emphasizing their distinctiveness.
  • Racial features are displayed inline, accentuating the uniqueness of each choice.
  • The use of consistent numbers streamlines the process, making it faster compared to using different letters.
  • All characters now proceed through the same workflow, setting the baseline for experienced players to choose their own stats.
  • A concluding overview provides a clear result of the player's choices.
Coding Dáin, Jahara
Design Nazgúm