New Subrace Features for the Zaugurz

Author:Jahara (edited by Rogon)
Date:Sat Mar 2 18:34:53 2024
From the frigid Misty Mountains, the Zaugurz tribe relentlessly expands north, raiding for resources and vowing to crush rivals. Fueled by an unyielding resolve, they transcend pain, stand fearless against fear, and unleash primal bloodlust on the battlefield, emerging as a formidable force shaped by their harsh homeland. In the unforgiving landscapes they call home, the Zaugurz embody relentless determination, strategic prowess, and primal might.

Today, we introduce several features for Zaugurz players.

  • They possess heightened pain tolerance. The cold numbs them to injuries, allowing them to fight with reduced hindrance.
  • They exhibit fearless resolve, rarely panicking or succumbing to fear effects, showcasing an unwavering determination to crush their enemies.
  • They unleash frenzied bloodlust during battle, showcasing heightened agility and speed, allowing them to pivot and dodge through the battlefield with a relentless and predatory grace.